ChatGPT-4: AI Chatbot That Beats OpenAI’s Predecessor & Searches the Web

• Open AI released ChatGPT-4, which is available for $20 per month
• Tech giants Google and Microsoft have launched their AI chatbots – Bard and Bing respectively
• Several AI chatbots were tested to determine accuracy and speed of responses

OpenAI’s ChatGPT

OpenAI has already released ChatGPT-4, which is available to Plus plan users for $20 per month. The predecessor, ChatGPT-3.5 is free to use and can help with tasks like essay writing, code debugging and personal finances after only a second or so of processing time. However, while it does not have the ability to search the internet itself, OpenAI is rolling out plugins that allow it to source online information using Bing’s search API.

Google’s Bard

Google’s AI chatbot Bard was initially invite only, but has now removed its waitlist and opened up access to over 180 countries and territories on May 10th 2021. It has yet to be tested in comparison with other chatbots on the market.

Microsoft’s Bing

Microsoft beat Google to the punch by fully releasing its AI-powered Bing search engine on May 4th 2021. It is yet unknown how well this will help people find what they are looking for.

Field Testing Results

Cointelegraph decided to put some of the most well-known chatbots through their paces to see which held up best during field testing – comparing accuracy and speed of responses as well as features. Results are yet unknown as of this moment in time.

Chatbot Competition

Competition is heating up with several new AI chatbots flooding the market – making OpenAI no longer a monopoly in this space. It remains unclear who will come out on top at this stage as more competitors enter the market and results from field tests are still pending.